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I was invited to work as a photographer for Al Kamandjati during the "Singing for Jerusalem and Ramallah Orchestra Tour 2018" and during the "Ramallah Orchestra Tour 2019".

I covered a summer camp, rehearsals, choir concerts and orchestra concerts in several cities.

Al Kamandjati, a non-profit association founded in 2002 by the Palestinian musician Ramzi Abu Redwan, aims to provide music education to Palestinian children and youth and to contribute to the promotion of the musical culture in Palestine. Over the past ten years, Al Kamandjati has educated more than 2000 children in 8 Palestinian and Lebanese sites, including refugee camps and marginalised zones.

At Al Kamandjati, music is viewed as an outlet for self-expression, enabling students to identify their own resources and creativity, to build their independence and celebrate life. It also offers children the chance to discover and deepen their understanding of their cultural heritage as well as other cultures. Al Kamandajti encourages students to make music and thus transcend the daily hardships due to the Israeli military occupation. The school currently teaches 1500 students

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